Proven Durable Refractory Linings That Meet Any Furnace Conditions: Glass

Whether float, fiber or container glass, M.H. Detrick Company offers the proper constructions for all sectors of the glass industry.

Our constructions range from solid or veneer walls to bullnoses and structural support design, making them versatile and strong enough to accommodate any glass-furnace application.

M.H. Detrick can also supply the grade that’s right for the job, whether it is zircon, silica, a fused cast or any other grade of refractory.


Resources, Advantages, Capabilities

  • Complete bills of material
  • Structural & general assembly drawings
  • Domestic & export shipping
  • CAD design (full drawing packages, details)
  • Pre-cast
  • Steel details
  • Installation supervision
  • Onsite inspections
  • Castings supply (Detrick or other)
  • Competitive pricing

Quality Heat Enclosures from Concept to Construction: Contact Us Today

M.H. Detrick is and always will be focused on you, our customer. We understand that your business has distinct furnace conditions and requirements that make refractory and casting-quality selection as important as the construction. To further discuss what you can achieve for your glass facility, contact us at (708) 479-5085.