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As the original creator of suspended refractory linings, M.H. Detrick Company has the expertise to help improve the efficiency and dependability of your existing or future refractory application. Suspended refractory linings is our business. Since World War I, M.H. Detrick Company has been designing heat enclosures to meet customers’ particular specifications. The proven performance of our existing linings speaks for itself. The wide variety of current applications testifies to our flexibility. Whether your requirements are run-of-the-mill or revolutionary, we can meet them effectively and economically.

With representation worldwide, the M.H. Detrick Company is capable of providing the appropriate enclosure for your heat-handling needs. M.H. Detrick Company remains the leader in the suspended refractory linings industry. Our reputation rests on the efforts of our people both past and present.

M.H. Detrick suspended constructions provide a long-lasting and dependable service for diverse applications.

Pre-fired brick

Pre-fired brick, which bonds with adjacent shapes to provide system strength and integrity throughout the lining

Insulating materials

Insulating materials, which enhance the unit’s overall thermal efficiency (e.g. lightweight castable, ceramic fiber-blanket and block insulation)

Heat-resistant castings

Heat-resistant castings, which suspend the brick lining and transfer the load to the external supporting steel structure

Zoned design

Zoned design, which provides intermittently spaced expansion joints throughout the construction, making the design easy to add to or repair while leaving adjacent constructions undisturbed


Our business is and always will be focused on you, our customer. We understand that your business has unique furnace conditions and requirements that make refractory and casting-grade selection as important as the construction. Working closely with refractory manufacturers and foundries that make our products, we ensure that your application includes the proper grade of refractory and cast metals.

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  • Selection of refractory
  • Complete bills of material
  • Structural and general assembly drawings
  • Domestic and export shipping
  • Steel details
  • Installation supervision
  • On-site inspections