Industries served

M.H. Detrick Company has been supplying its refractory linings into the Coke Calcining Industry for over 50 years. With hundreds of completed projects including repairs to complete lining rebuilds, M.H. Detrick has the experience and the history to meet the increasing demands of the industry.

Versatility and Strength

Our interlocking “MSA” brick construction offers unparcelled versatility and strength. It can be used in roofs, walls and bullnoses making this construction the obvious choice for your brick refractory linings.

With strategically placed expansion joints and multiple variations of thicknesses, grades and insulation combinations the “MSA” Construction can meet the needs of any brick refractory lining requirement.

Specifically designed for our “MSA” Construction are support castings that are manufactured in various grades of Grey Iron and Alloy depending on the application and environment.

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