Cement & Lime

Proven Durable Refractory Linings That Meet Any Furnace Conditions: Cement & Lime

Preheaters and clinker coolers are perfect candidates for M.H. Detrick’s “MSA” constructions.

Our interlocking “MSA” brick construction offers unparalleled strength and versatility. It can be used in roofs, walls and bullnoses, making this construction the obvious choice for your brick refractory linings.

With strategically placed expansion joints and multiple variations of thicknesses, grades and insulation combinations, the “MSA” construction can satisfy any brick refractory lining requirement.

Support castings specifically designed for our “MSA” construction also are manufactured in various grades of grey iron and alloy depending on the application and environment.

Cement & Lime

Resources, Advantages, Capabilities

  • Complete bills of material
  • Structural & general assembly drawings
  • Domestic & export shipping
  • CAD design (full drawing packages, details)
  • Pre-cast
  • Steel details
  • Installation supervision
  • Onsite inspections
  • Castings supply (Detrick or other)
  • Competitive pricing

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M.H. Detrick is and always will be focused on you, our customer. We understand that your business has distinct furnace conditions and requirements that make refractory and casting-quality selection as important as the construction. To further discuss what you can achieve for your cement or lime facility contact us at (708) 479-5085.